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TheRushJob Upside Down Rogaine

This is just as it appears – a job that was conceived in December and born in February. Definitely a rush job!!

I find that there are three main groups of rogainers – the novices, the competents and the professionals. In the last few years there have been as few as 150 to 200 rogainers attending UpSide Down (USD) rogaines. It would be great if we could have more people like the competents and the novices try a USD rogaine – may be “go through the night” for the first time their lives and know that it is achievable.

For the rogaining “professional” there are some difficult controls to get – a challenge during the event rather than the challenge at the planning table. On the other hand the “competent” rogainer will get satisfaction that they have achieved a score that is competitive – maybe in this event a score that is only separated by time!

In past rogaines I have seen groups go out and get piddly scores of 50 points after several hours. In this rogaine a novice team could get over 500 points on the patrolled road and brag about the fact that they rogained through the night!!!

Now is your chance… Have a go at an all-night event less than two hours south east of Perth. This could be life-changing.

Robert Boekelaar Setter, Jim Langford Vetter.

STOP PRESS: Volunteers are required URGENTLY for the following RUSH job roles:

  • Hash House
  • Safety Officer
  • First Aid
  • Someone to do the briefings

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Footnote: Whilst caming is allowed on the Saturday night, no camping is allowed on the Friday night.

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