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What is Rogaining?
Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation. Teams are based at a central point called the hash house where they are generally allowed to camp both before and during events.  Using only a topographical map and compass, teams of two to five people travelling on foot visit as many controls (checkpoints) as they wish. The point values of controls vary and the aim of the competition is to accumulate as many points as possible within the set time period. The majority of rogainers are recreational teams, who compete only for the amount of time that they are comfortable with, taking into consideration the team’s abilities and fitness level.
Rogaining is a team activity for all ages and levels of fitness. There are three classes of teams: mens, womens and mixed. These classes are further broken down into categories according to age. There are also categories for families, cadets, novice and tertiary education teams. A schools championships and a junior cadet challenge are held every year.

How far do I have to travel to get to a Rogaine?
This depends, but most events occur in bushland or a combination of bushland and farmland less than two hours drive from Perth.  The approximate location of each event is advertised in the event teaser on the rogaining home page approximately a month before each event.

I'm not an elite athlete, can I still rogaine?
How long you rogaine for within the time limits of the event and which controls you visit is entirely up to your team. Even the most experienced and competitive rogainers very rarely manage to visit every control on the map. Controls can be visited in any order, which makes route choice an important part of the event. Competitors are permitted to return to the assembly area, named the hash house after the food tent, at any time during the event for a rest and food. For your first event plan a course to walk in the daylight hours and travel 10 to 15kms. You only need to stay on the course for as long as you find enjoyable. Plan to return to the hash house which is open from 4pm at most events. Don’t over-extend yourself at your first event. Use the experience you gain to assist your planning for next time.

What equipment do I need to take to a Rogaine?
Rogaines are held throughout the year and are not cancelled if the weather is bad - that’s one of the challenges. Consequently, competitors must be prepared for a range of weather conditions, bearing in mind that warm sunny days can quickly turn into cold and wet nights. Clothing required depends on the weather and the duration of the event with the minimum being:

  • a comfortable, sturdy pair of shoes or walking boots, with good thick socks;
  • light-weight long pants (not jeans) or shorts, depending on the weather and the terrain;
  • a T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt;
  • a warm woollen, fleece jumper or thermal top. Thermal "long johns" for the winter events when the temperature drops at night;
  • a water and wind roof jacket;
  • a pair of woollen or thermal loves;
  • a woollen or thermal beanie and sun hat; and
  • gaiters to protect legs from cratches and socks from grass seeds.

No specialist equipment is required for rogaining, just the basic equipment you would carry for a day bushwalk. Everything you take should fit into a day pack, or a bum bag for shorter events. Make sure it is good quality that won’t easily fall apart. The items required to be carried are: spare clothing for when the weather gets cold or wet, food, water bottles (at least 2 litres of water per person is recommended), first aid kit, whistle, compass, pencil and a torch. You will also need to bring spare clothes for after the event, camping gear if you intend to stay overnight and eating utensils so you can enjoy the culinary elights of the hash house. More information in the novice guide.

How often should I volunteer to help out?
Rogaines are run entirely by volunteers. After an event there are a number of small tasks you could assist us with such as packing the tents and equipment into the truck, cleaning up the camp site or even collecting controls!
After a few events, please consider volunteering your services in a more major way at an event. There are plenty of interesting jobs that need doing including course setting, truck driving (truck driver licence required), serving food at the hash house and administration duties. Helping is great fun and you meet lots of new friends and potential rogaine partners.

Is food available at the event?
Food is provided at the hash house from 5pm onwards on Saturday and breakfast is served on Sunday morning for 12 hour events. Competitors are encouraged to stay overnight to reduce the risk of accidents caused by fatigue while driving home. Twenty four hour events generally start at midday Saturday and finish midday Sunday, and the hash house is open from 5pm until one hour after the close of the event. Upside Down events run from 8pm to 8am and the hash house serves breakfast only. Six hour events run from 3pm to 9pm and no food is provided.

Can I bring non-rogainers to an Rogaine?
They are welcome to attend provided that they are registered as non-competing people with your online entry.  The fee charged covers the cost of food and toilet facilities provided at the event.

Can I take my children to a Rogaine?
Yes, you can, but you must ensure they are adequately supervised. There is no child minding service at events, so you remain responsible for your children. Having said this, rogaining can be a good challenge for any age.

Do I have to be a member to Rogaine?
As of 2018, separate membership fees are no longer charged; the membership fee is included as part of your entry fee.

I've already entered the event and it's before the close of entries; how can I add an extra member to my team?

Presently you are unable to make team changes online, but you can make team changes, including additions, at the rego desk at the event and please bring cash to pay for any additional entry fees that may be required.

Why are you charging postage for my on-line entry. Can't you just e-mail me the event directions?

You have the option of receiving a link to the event directions via e-mail, or receiving directions via the old-fashioned postal method.

What can I do to prepare for a Rogaine?
Many people have varying training regimes, so it's hard to be specific as it may not work for you. Make sure you are well rested, make sure your camping and walking equipment and clothing is complete, and is up to the task, and try to arrive at the campsite in plenty of time. Paying attention to weather reports may also pay off.

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