postheadericon The Jingalup Jaunt Autumn 12 Hour Rogaine - 22 May 2021

Come south to the sunny climes of Kojonup, heart of the Great Southern.
Wide open spaces with a few sheep, cattle and horses to navigate around to say nothing of seeding rigs, which will be in full flight, or if the rain continues seeding may have finished.

The site is approximately 85% Farmland but not all the controls are in the farmland otherwise it would be too easy...

Entries closed Wednesday midnight 10 days prior to event

Teams List


You will find great coffee at various outlets in Kojonup on the way through.
Take in Kodja place on the way home with a wander through the world famous rose maze, shouldn’t get lost in there.

There are lots of controls within easy distance of the Hash so those that have small people with them may be able to get a PB.
With a reasonable sized map and some outlying points it should still be challenging enough for those that are looking at a top 10 finish. In fact a bit for everyone.

EVENT DIRECTIONS will be available on the Monday before the event via the link in your original event registration confirmation email.



Joe Young


David Smith
Alan Kerr
David Longman


A bit south of Kojonup city.
Detailed directions will be included in the event info pack that is available to competitors from the Monday before the event.

Event Schedule

Friday afternoon/evening before - most entrants arrive and camp for the night. We generally have a bbq setup for your use that evening. Often preregistration is available.
Sat 7am - event maps become available and you have an opportunity to plan your course and outing prior to the start
Sat 830am - a novice clinic is held for all those interested in getting an introduction to rogaining and navigation
Sat 945am - pre-event briefing at the start
Sat 10am - event start - you are free to head out into the field and start scoring points by locating controls
Sat 5pm - the Hash House opens and you are free to come and go and eat as you please
Sat 10pm - event finish - any team arriving after this time gets penalised 10 points per minute
Sat 1030pm - event close - teams arriving after this time are disqualified
Sat 1045pm - results are read out and badges awarded
Sat 11pm - the Hash House closes

Sun 630am - the Hash House opens for breakfast
Sun 830am - the Hash House closes and all hands on packup or control collection


Adult $50, Junior (10 - 18) $25, Child (under 10) Free
Note Membership is included in the entry fee for all.
Non-participants pay the same fee as participants (our costs are mainly food, facilities and transport).
Entries close Wednesday midnight 1 May.
Between 2 and 5 people per team.
Refund for cancellations until close of entries.

Map and Course Notes

A3 map, 1:50,000 scale.

Accommodation and Facilities

We generally provide a large open area for camping (or a caravan) for Friday and Saturday nights, a Hash House, a camp fire and toilets. Bring your own drinking water.
The Hash House provides tasty meals, food and beverages which are included in your event fees and operates from the afternoon of Saturday until just after the event closes about 1030pm Saturday, and then again Sunday morning early for breakfast.


Compass Hire (per person) is $5.00
Team changes and additions (you can remove and add team members, as long as you stay within min 2 and max 5 people per team) at rego desk, bring cash for additional entry payments.

Further Info

If you don't have a team, you can contact the Rogaine Partner Matching Service at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Email Event Info This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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