postheadericon DamBusters Rogaine 3 May 2014

I got sick of travelling for hours to set a rogaine so decided to look around what was closeby and found that we haven't done a rogaine on the eastern side of Wellington Dam (SW of Collie) so thats where you lot will have to go if you want to to compete in the "Dambusters Rogaine" on May 3.

Unfortunately for me I have a pretty average team to help me set this but of course everyone wants to improve their image by being with me so I have accepted ,with regrets, Ian Thomsett, Vicki Redden and Craig Dermer to follow The Legend in the making of this event. If you don't like tracks amongst the pines don't bother coming BUT if you like the idea of a rogaine with beautiful views across sparkling waters and some great sites in the bush plus a few controls on farmland for all you sooks then this is THE event to come to.

You may also wish to consider bringing your mountain bike with you so you can participate in the Myth Busters Mountain Bike Rogaine held on the on Sunday, the day after the DamBusters rogaine (at discount prices for rogainers).

The 2014 Cadet Challenge will be run in conjuction with this event.

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