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The idea to set this Rogaine originated when Peter ‘Shakin’ Stevens & Colin ‘Bushie’ Kelly attended a Setters & Vetters training course at the Sports & Recreation in Leederville. Shakin’ decided it was about time for us to set a Rogaine and before I could talk him out of it we were in.

We chose a site close to one that Colin & Andy had set a Rogaine before (Old Spice Rogaine in 2009) with Paul Szijarto & Bill Baxter.

We shifted the course more to the east than the last ‘Old Spice Rogaine’ set here on 2009. Our area was initially too large for a 12 hour Rogaine so we removed some of the potential controls on the north and on the west. We aimed to set a course that would be right on the limits of the top competitors but would also provide plenty of options and points for the social rogainers and family teams. The name for the event was coined by the vetters but quickly adopted by all.

We did an armchair set in Colin’s Subiaco office in June 2013 and it became immediately apparent that we would not have as many Kellys as originally envisaged as some had other commitments. After pencilling in the proposed controls we loaded up OCAD.  Adam mastered the use of OCAD quickly and so we left him to place the controls on the map whilst we enjoyed the ambiance of a local Subiaco coffee shop.

Peter, Alan, Adam & Colin went out to choose a Hash House site in July 2013. We found a great site just off Munyeering Road which would facilitate the Rogaine truck easily and offered plenty of room for competitors to camp.  

Adam & Colin commenced the setting in ideal conditions. Julimar Forest is really beautiful at this time of the year so Adam & I just enjoyed the walk through the bush and as a result The Mole was not complimentary on our setting skills. But that’s what vetters are for!

Later during the setting & vetting cycle Peter, Colin, Alan & Adam camped overnight at the hash house site, not before Alan’s navigation and driving skills were put to the test. We enjoyed a great BBQ and sat around a roaring camp fire and enjoyed the starry night. 

The vetters did a great job in keeping us on line and on track. We appreciated their orders... suggestions and adopted most of them.

Animals re-introduced to Julimar by the Department of Environment and Conservation's Western Shield program since 1992 include the chuditch, quenda, woylies and the tammar wallaby.  We saw owls, kangaroos, emus and tammar wallabies whilst walking through the forest. CALM have recently released Woylies in the Julimar Forest.

There are many wild flowers including Blue Leschenaultia, egg and bacon, creamy stars, furry green rice flower, Dryandra lindeyana (one of the Isopogons apparently) and Yellow Spider Orchid. How many did you see?

John & Colin arrived with the Rogaine trailer (batteries and gas) on a hot Friday afternoon. Warren helped us plan the hash site and choose where to put the Hash & admin tents.  

The Rogaine truck arrived promptly and we set about unloading it and putting up the tents before other duties called. We wanted to put out most of the water drops before dark and knew how bad the roads had become since the Old Spice Rogaine in 2009. We managed to get all the water out before dark, leaving control 78 to do in the morning as it was on the entrance road.

Fire wood collection was left to Peter who seconded Geoff to assist. I think he enjoyed pulling all the logs into the fire area.

Alan did a great job in preparing the control pick up maps and taking names during the Pre-registration. He was on the job again in the morning getting details and handing out collection details. Thanks to all the Rogainers who assisted in picking up controls.

Patrolling the roads was a 60km round trip. We had two cars patrolling so that we had a break in between trips. For all those planning on setting a Rogaine make sure you have suitable roads to patrol on. The water drops proved easy to maintain with the cooler weather minimising the amount of water consumed by competitors. We handed out fruit and vanilla slices in the afternoon and these were gratefully accepted by many.

At 9.30pm we still had 29 teams out. Was this going to be a big night looking for lost Rogainers? With 10 minutes to go there were still 20 teams out. When the hooter was sounded only 3 teams were not in. By 10.30pm only one team remained out. We were concerned about their wellbeing (and the fact that they lose all their points). Warren’s safety plan swung into action and within an hour we had located them. Locating two people in an area over 150 square kilometres in the dark forest so quickly is a credit to the Rogaine organisation!

We would like to thank all the other volunteers who gave their time to help make this event the success it was. Particular thanks go to the admin crew, safety officer, first aid officer, the fantastic hash house team, the truck driver, and those competitors who volunteered to collect controls. Control collections were assisted by the Bayswater SES lead by Martin Hale. They collected many controls on Sunday including control 62 which was overlooked by the control collectors. We really appreciated their assistance.

John & Colin stayed to bring back the controls (except the ones collected by the SES), picked up the signs and headed back to the WARA shed located at Hampdon Square, Morley. Then home to a refreshing bath! I must finish with another Irish saying…

May the lilt of Irish laughter  lighten every load.  
May the mist of Irish magic  shorten every road...  
And may all your friends remember 
All the favours you are owed!

... Colin ’Bushie’ Kelly,  
Peter ‘Shakin’ Stevens,  
Alan Kelly,  
Adam Kelly,  
Andy ‘The Mole’ Molnar
John ‘FT’ Najar.

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