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Team 1
A nice sunny day in Perth,
(No better place to be on earth),
We wandered the roads, paths and parks,
Looking for all those little marks,
One must approach it with mirth

They say it’s a sport
‘It is!’ I thought
But in the sun,
It’s not much fun,
In fact it’s fraught.

Team 2
With a loud bell, the rogaine begun,
We sprinted off, father and son,
But at Carine open space,
We lost all our pace,
And decided no longer to run!

Team 3
Rod is one helluva mate,
Always screaming to keep up the pace,
The guy you love to hate,
Never taking you to first place.

Team 4
There once was a man called Juffy,
Whose mapping was sometimes fluffy,
He forgot to mark a fence,
Which made a few people tense,
Except for his made Craig Dufty.

Team 6
For the capers of Carine,
We stopped for icecream,
Which ones should we try?
How many to buy?
At least one for each of the team!

Team 8
A desperate craving for point,
Had a lunatic toll on our joints,
We collapsed at the school,
Having followed each rule,
And arnica liberally anoints!

Team 9
Mike and Skye of team nine,
By Grandma Pat was offered some wine,
They both followed Andy,
His navigation was handy,
A swim afterward would be fine.

Team 10
There was an old man on a walk,
So tired he could hardly talk,
When asking the way,
All he could say,
Was a dribble, a squibble and squalk.

Team 11
A rogaine by Kathy and Peter,
Demanded both rhyme and meter,
Four hours of jogging,
Our brains we were flogging,
But we still couldn’t find anything to rhyme with Carine.

Team 12
Here we go on a scenic rogaine,
Where everything is far from plain,
The flies we swat,
We felt quite hot,
At the sight of the sea, we’d do it all again!!

Team 13
The rogaine around fair Carine,
Took as into environs marine,
Where a scan of the map,
Ensured bathers were packed,
And prevented displays obscene.

Team 14
“Never Too Old”
The sky is blue,
Controls are gold,
To go to a rogaine,
You’re never too old.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I can’t feel my legs,
And there’s sand in my shoe.

“Go for a walk!
Rogaining builds character.”
Or that’s what she said.

Team 16
Five people went off rogaining,
It was hot and very draining,
We met Grandma Pat,
And stroked a cuddly toy cat
Gosh it was all quite entertaining.

Team 17
There once was a man called Chip,
Who went down the slippery dip,
And down that slide,
He sure did ride,
Until he got to the bottom and went flip!

There once was a rogainer called Daisy,
Who thought she’d be really crazy,
So she made everyone,
Write a poem,
While they were on their wayzy.
Team 18
There once was a team dressed in red,
Whose kids got out the wrong side of the bed,
They went on a rogaine,
The kids did complain,
That the flies were all over their head.

Team 19
We’ll walk in the streets,
We’ll walk in the sun
Repeat after me,

For adding abuse to your feet,
This rogaining lark can’t be beat,
On passing our crowd,
People wondered out loud,
“What makes these twits walk in such heat?”

Austen said “this looks like fun”,
We’ll wander all day in the sun,
We’ll go past a shop,
For icecream we’ll stop,
Jill says there’s no way she will run.

Team 21
There was a young man from Kent,
Whose energy was nearly spent,
He did a rogaine,
With someone named Shane
Now he is asleep in his tent.

There was a young rogainer call Shane,
Who was in a lot of pain,
He stepped in a hole,
Couldn’t find the control,
And vowed never to go rogaining again.

Team 22
There was a rogainer named Jo,
Whose walking was ever so slow,
If she sat in a stroller,
Her daddy could roll her,
And off to the marker we’d go!

Team 23
Three ladies walked around Carine,
Through sights pristine and unseen,
They did the ‘Hip Twist’,
And got a slipped disk,
And cursed the setters obscene!

Team 24
There was a rogainer called Pete,
Who had Ann completely beat,
Only icecream could stop the screams
When running in the heat.

Team 25
There was once a family of three,
Who spent the day rogaining by the sea,
They ran out of puff,
And finished with a huff,
But they had lots of fun, oh wow-ee!

Team 26
There were a team Bryan and Brian,
And they were always tryin’ and tryin’,
Asked the setters “Where’s best?”,
To they answered “Try West”,
To which Bryan and Brian found they were lyin!

Team 27
Sigrid fell in love in Carine,
But didn’t want to see where she’d been,
So she fell for a nut,
And landed on her gut,
And walked the rest of the way like a ‘has been’.

Team 28
Toni & Joye & Jane,
Took part in the Carine Rogaine,
They had so much fun,
They cared not who won,
And thought they might do it again.

Team 29
Jane & Judith are usually there,
The “tortoises” in the “tortoise and hare”,
They know how important it is to volunteer,
Its something they do every second year!

Team 31
We set our plan in store,
For 2000 points or more,
We were going so well,
Till the Carine Glades Hotel,
And that was the last of our score.

Team 32
The was a young boy called Shane,
Who set off to Carine to rogaine,
He set off all too fast,
But his stamina didn’t last,
But he never was one to complain.

Team 33
A young lad in Carine,
During activities marine
When a wave did surge,
He felt an urge,
And had to visit a latrine.

Team 35
There was a young rogainer named Geordie,
Who occasionally was rather bawdy,
He told Granny Pat,
Your cat is too fat,
And she said “you’re very naughty”.

Team 36
Of to find gargoyles we run,
Hoping it will be lots of fun,
What was there,
Was utter despair,
As the answer was sadly just one.

Team 37
There was a rogainer named Eva,
Who had reputation as a diva,
Asked if she completed the course,
She replied, yes, I used a horse,
But none would believe her.

Team 41
Twinkle, Twinkle, little blister,
How I hate your, and your sister,
All you do is cause me pain,
Why oh why do I rogaine?

Team 42
There was veteran rogainer called Barry,
With a map he was happy as Larry,
Now he can’t keep the pace, so
In the admin tent he’s an ace,
And there is no end to the load he can carry.

Team 44
Mitchell and Mark went for a walk in the park,
It wasn’t much of a lark,
Mitchell was sore,
Mark ended up poor,
But at least we got back before dark.

Team 45
There was a young boy call Shane,
Who liked to play out in the rain,
He went out one day,
And got blown away,
And never was seen again!

Team 47
Two rogainers Sasha and Mason,
Set out on the rogaine ‘racin’,
But after icecream,
They started to dream,
And ended it feeling complacen(t).

Team 50
A pair of intrepid young sisters,
Who rogained until they had blisters,
Made a minor mistake -
Ended up in a lake,
And still got more points than their misters!

Team 51
There were two young boys from Iluka,
By name of Ashton & Brock,
One keeps getting a prickle in his sock,
And the other got a bit of a shock,
When he found out how far he had to walk(a)!

Team 52
There was a young man christened Peter,
So he decided no-one could trick or cheater,
He constructed his questions as hard as he could,
Anyone with a mistake was hit over the head with a piece of wood.

Team 53
Today we went on a rogaine,
To our feet this created great pain,
However we found,
Every checkpoint around,
So we think we will do it again!

Team 54
Carine Capers is what it was called,
so we were expecting fun for all-
But we walked and we sweat,
we sweat and we ran – I think we even got a tan!
Now we’re tired, and our feet are sore;
we don’t even care about the score!
If today was nay hotter, I think we’d be dead –
Maybe we should have stayed in bed!

A limerick for Capers Carine,
Did border on mildly obscene,
The words they were lewd,
As was the mood,
Or not, in fact it was clean!


There was a Rogainer called Wil
Who, to prove he's not over the hill
Said "I'll go for the lot"
His pace was so hot
He made all the others feel ill!

A fervent Rogainer named Ricky
Whose course was decidedly tricky
Said "I'm going to beat Wil
If my partner I kill"
That fervent Rogainer named Ricky

We went Rogaining from Carine
O'er hill and swamp, to the sea
But the things that made it most worthwhile
Were the coffee shops for me!

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