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NOTE: This is a condensed version of the report. For a complete version see the July 2010 WARA newsletter.


Its hard to believe that all the work and planning is over and the event has finally been run and won. What shall we do now??? Enjoy the next event as competitors and have more FUN is the go.

Frank and I decided to set this event back in October 2009 as it was a year since we had set our previous one. We decided to pick
an area closer to Bunbury, as there had not been an event close to Bunbury for quite some time, and it was time for the Perth contingent to travel south for a change. On the advice of Owen Horton, we decided to investigate the area to the north of the Fairytale event, which was held in June 2007 in the Grimwade area. Frank and I made our first visit down to the area in mid-December 2009, and after seeing the farmland area in the west, great contours and scenic views, decided to take up the huge challenge to obtain permission from the many landowners in the area. After visiting a couple of landowners for permission to have the Hash House site on their land, and being knocked back, we ran into Mark Bernardi, as he was taking his stock from one side of the Lowden-Grimwade Road to the other. He agreed to let us camp in his paddock beside the Bull Paddock provided we took precautions to protect the water pipe line from being pierced with tent pegs.

The next stage was to obtain permission from as many farmers as possible for the competitors to traverse their land for the event
in June, together with the Department of Conservation and Environment , Forestry Commission, WA Plantation Resources governing body and the Preston Vale Winery being the major landowners.

We worked our way through the list of landowners, and, by early March, it became apparent that we would have sufficient landowners on side to run a 24 hour event. The big worry now was permission from DEC. We had sent in our application on 1st Feb 2010 and each time Frank enquired about how the application was progressing, the answer was always the same; You should have permission in about two weeks. As time was moving along, we decided to take a punt and order the map data.

By mid April we managed to obtain verbal permission from DEC. The whole setting and vetting team travelled down on Friday 14th May, and we setters finished placing the last few controls on Sunday 16th, The vetters put in a huge effort and completed the vetting task by lunchtime on the next day.

The last month was spent making the map as best we could, Frank doing most of the work, while I was trying to drum up farmer
participation in the event. It was very pleasing to see that the Goddard and Young families took up the challenge and Had Fun. We finally obtained official DEC approval on 25th May.

We travelled south again on Friday 25th June for the last time, picked up the maps from Bunbury Print and placed out the direction signs, arriving at the hash house site about 12:30 pm. Mark Bernardi, the hash house site landowner, marked out the approximate position of the water pipeline. The truck arrived about 3:00 pm and the hash house and Admin tent were set up. Mark and his brother Adrian provided the firewood for Friday night’s fire as well as previously setting up the very large hash house fire for Saturday and Sunday. They were a tremendous pair of very generous hosts who could not do enough for us.

Saturday morning arrived, fine but overcast, all operations proceeding smoothly. We were very pleased to see several landowners present to watch the commencement of the event and stay and have lunch with us. The champagne cork got the event under way and we were pleased with the way the teams split in all directions.

The event concluded at noon, and there were still 6 teams unaccounted for. By 12:30 pm, two teams were still not back, but both were comprised of relatively experienced Rogainers. From information provided by another team who were camped next to one of the missing teams, the search area was narrowed down considerably. Information received about the second team was that they may have a mobile phone with them; the phone was rung and we managed to obtain their location before the line dropped out. Both teams were picked up shortly after with no ill effects except pride.

Control collection went into full swing and thanks to all who helped out with packing up hash, collecting controls and unloading the truck. Congratulations to all the winners and to the two top teams who managed to amass quite exceptional scores, way above our estimate of 3,700 points. So very well done, a tremendous effort.


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