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Paddy Pallin Schools Championships - 10 June 2006

Overall Team Members Schools Score Elapsed
1 202MJK Andrew Fry, Alex MacLeay, Simon Noordhoek, Matt Sims Bunbury Cathedral Grammar 790 5:36:15
2 203WJK Ella Marshall, Rebecca White, Annette Wilson Bunbury Cathedral Grammar 640 5:59:36
3 204MNJK Scott Thompson, Josh Russell Bunbury Cathedral Grammar 570 6:06:25
4 201MJK Griffin Glenister, Jared Tower Rossmoyne S.H.S 470 6:00:00
5 205MNJK Patrick Crockford, Samuel Cochrane, Tolson Korn Bunbury Cathedral Grammar 330 5:37:00

M=Men, W=Women, X=Mixed
J=Junior, N=Novice, K= Special Event (Schools Championships), C=Cadets

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