postheadericon First Y2K "Bug(ger)" Rogaine - 22/23 January 2000

For all those wishing to brush up on their night navigation skills this is the event.

Located approximately one hour's drive south east of Perth like many others, the area offers undulating terrain with a mixture of bush, pine plantation and farmland. Some panoramic views are to be had and should be great in the light mist and bright moonlight, but especially at sunrise. Tracks abound in the pine with most being shown on the map for ease of navigation or to confuse. During just three days of setting we have encountered the following wildlife.

Emus, kangaroos near every control and in between, large and small lizards, thee families of pings with lots of little 'uns (maybe extra bacon for brekky if the cooks are game and agile), racehorse goannas, wedgetail eagles, black cockatoos, twenty eights, ducks, three very friendly magpies and some extra large hills, It should be a magical event if the elements treat us kindly, and all participants should find something else to talk about apart from the usual misplaced controls or encounters of bad luck and brilliant navigation.

Rules to be strictly enforced are: no fires permitted at all; no smoking at all.

There is no escape from this event! It is on private property and the access gate will be locked between 9:30 p.m. Saturday and 8:30 a.m. Sunday. See you all there.

Setters: John Tanner and Ted Oliver. Vetters: Sarita Bennett and Andrew Crawford.

Last Updated (Saturday, 22 January 2000 20:31)

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