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The Mysterious Traveller Rogaine


The 2024 Australasian Rogaine Championships will be hosted in WA on the weekend of 7th and 8th September 2024.


Where is the Mysterious Traveller?  A mask, an old logging village, a Melburnian forester, and ochre springs.  We may need to navigate complex river valleys (150m a.s.l. to 300m a.s.l.).  There may be a few pines, but we are mostly in stunning Jarrah - Marri - Blackbutt forest.  We leave the open Nannup farmlands of 2016 far behind. We have a very easy trip here - less than 3hrs southish of Perth and less than 1hr Bunbury.  For all travellers, far, near, mysterious or not, the Event Bus will take you on a magical tour from the airport to the event via a replenishing town.  The Setting and Vetting team look forward to showing you some topographical mysteries!


February update - a revision to the location - now 3hrs south of Perth. 


Student team sponsorships are available via the Nigel Aylott Memorial Sports Foundation, with details below.



10 June - Entries have opened and will close at midnight on Wednesday 28 August (10 days prior to the event)


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Team List


Setters and vetting team

  • Ann Smithson (Coordinator and Setter)
  • Paul Szijarto (Lead Vetter)
  • Will Blackshaw (Setter)
  • Luke Van Baaren (Setter)
  • Owen Horton (Mapping and Setter)


  • 3hrs drive south of Perth (the previous location of 4.5hrs NE of Perth unfortunately fell-through).
  • 1hr drive from Bunbury

Event schedule

  • Event duration is 24 hours from 12 noon Saturday to 12 noon Sunday.
  • Friday afternoon/evening before - most entrants arrive and camp for the night. We generally have a bbq setup for your use that evening. Often preregistration is available.
  • Fri 230pm (TBC) - bus option departing from Perth Airport and train station
  • Sat 8am - event maps become available and you have an opportunity to plan your course and outing prior to the start
  • Sat 10am (approx) - a novice clinic is held for all those interested in getting an introduction to rogaining and navigation
  • Sat 1145am - pre-event briefing at the start
  • Sat 12 noon - event start - you are free to head out into the field and start scoring points by locating controls
  • Sat 5pm - the Hash House opens and you are free to come and go and eat as you please
  • Sun 12 noon - event finish - any team arriving after this time gets penalised 10 points per minute
  • Sun 1230pm - event close - teams arriving after this time are disqualified
  • Sun 1245pm - results are read out and badges awarded
  • Sun 1pm - the Hash House closes
  • Sun 2pm (TBC) - bus departs and will return to Perth Airport and train station by 6pm


  • Adult $75, Junior (under 18) $40, Child (under 10) Free
  • Bus $60 (link to purchase is separate from the entry form and will be coming soon)
  • Non-participants pay the same fee as participants (our costs are mainly food, facilities and transport).
  • Entries close the Wednesday midnight 10 days before the event.
  • Between 2 and 5 people per team.
  • No refund for cancellations after close of entries.

Intervarsity Championships - Nigel Aylott Memorial Sports Foundation

  • Student team sponsorship is available with details as follows.
  • To participate in an Australian Intervarsity Rogaining Championships, students must be enrolled at a tertiary education institution recognised by UniSport Australia.
  • Teams consist of 2-5 students from the same university. Both part-time and full-time students are eligible. There is no age restriction, ie. under-graduate, mature age and post-graduate students qualify.
  • The Intervarsity rogaining competition began in 1969 and from 1981 was coordinated by the Australian Rogaining Association.
  • The Nigel Aylott Memorial Sports Foundation (NAMSF) sponsored the re-establishment of the Intervarsity competition in 2007. NAMSF has provided a perpetual trophy for the winning Intervarsity team named ‘The Nigel Aylott trophy’.
  • The Foundation has in the past paid the travel costs for one university team from each state so that there can be a well-represented national competition.
  • State Rogaining Associations are responsible for determining their own selection criteria for the NAMSF subsidies (ie. a single qualifying event, or a cumulative point score from multiple events, whether 24 hour or shorter qualifying events). However, for the purposes of the subsidy, preference must be given to under-graduate full time students.
  • Entrants should contact their state rogaining association as soon as possible for details about their selection process for the state representative team.
  • Read more about NAMSF below.

Map and Course Notes

  • TBC 1:50,000, 5m contour interval, A3 or thereabouts, with magnetic north marked.
  • Type of paper TBC.
  • Waterdrops are placed on the course, patrolled routes also present.
  • There will be no All Night Cafe and all meals are at the central Hash House.
  • Controls will stretch competitive teams, but there are plenty close to HH making it very suitable for families and younger and novice rogainers who are warmly welcomed.

Transport and Directions

  • A bus option is available. The Bus Schedule is as follows:
    • The bus leaves Perth Airport. Bus check-in from 130pm for 200pm departure.
    • There are stops for refreshments and shopping at a supermarket along the way (but not stopping for a meal).
    • 615pm arrival at event site.
    • 7-9pm free pizza slice snacks available by HH fire (NB not main meal!)
    • Friday evening, BBQ hotplates and hot water are available for your use.
    • Bus will leave the HH by 2pm and expected time of arrival at Perth Airport is 6.30pm (note - Sunday traffic can be unpredictable, please allow time if flying Sunday).

Accommodation and Facilities

  • A large open area is available for camping.
  • Caravans and camper trailers are welcome, there will be plenty of space.
  • Portaloos provided.
  • A marquee with seating is available for those arriving by bus, with camping nearby.
  • A mallet or hammer is recommended for those campers dependent upon pegs.
  • One bar Telstra signal is available at locations within the camp site sufficient at least for messaging, but other networks may not have signal.
  • We generally provide a large open area for camping (or a caravan) for Friday and Saturday nights, a Hash House, a camp fire and toilets.
  • Bring your own drinking water (excluding those coming by bus).
  • The Hash House provides tasty meals, food and beverages which are included in your event fees and operates from the afternoon of Saturday until just after the event closes about 1230 Sunday.
  • The closest town is Donnybrook.


  • Compass Hire (per person) is $5.00
  • Team changes and additions (you can remove and add team members, as long as you stay within min 2 and max 5 people per team) at rego desk, bring cash for additional entry payments.
  • Event merchandise will be available for purchase.

Further Info

If you don't have a team, you can contact the Rogaine Partner Matching Service at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Email Event Info This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Nigel Aylott Memorial Sports Foundation

NAMSF is the Nigel Aylott Memorial Sports Foundation, set up in memory of Nigel to encourage engagement in the outdoor sports of rogaining and adventure racing.

NAMSF activities may include the following:

  • Promoting outdoor sports, health, safety, enjoyment and fitness, particularly supporting participation in Australian rogaining and adventure racing;
  • Payments and distributions towards team travel expenses for participation in rogaining and adventure racing events;
  • Subsiding and funding mini-adventure sports races and rogaines for young novices;
  • Organising, subsidising and funding training sessions and coaching clinics for skill development in skills related to rogaining and adventure racing;
  • Promotion of safety in rogaining and adventure racing by encouraging the worldwide application of safety audits and standards for developing and conducting events;
  • Distributions, funding and grants to other organisations for projects or activities that meet the purposes of the Association.

Who was Nigel Aylott
Nigel Aylott showed some talent as a long-distance runner at school but at university got into the full range of outdoor activities available through the Monash BushWalking Club, which included skiing, kayaking, and rogaining. As his endurance and navigation skill developed, so did his success at rogaining, eventually winning the World Rogaining Championships in 1998 and the Australian Rogaining Championships in 2000 and 2001.

As adventure racing developed, Nigel saw it as the natural progression from long-distance running and rogaining. He loved experiencing the different locations in which the adventure races were set. Nigel competed in several Southern Traverse and EcoChallenge events before teaming up with Tom Landon-Smith, Alina McMaster, and Matt Dalziel to form the successful team AROC. Nigel was tragically killed in the 2004 Primal Quest race after being hit by a large boulder dislodged at the top of a gully.

Nigel was highly regarded in the community and friends encouraged Nigel’s family to set up this foundation to leave a legacy by supporting the sports Nigel loved and gave so much to.


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