postheadericon “Cheers for 40 Years” novelty rogaine – 40th Anniversary Rogaine Event – Saturday 14 Nov 2020

Hello Fellow Rogainers,

We hope you are all getting excited for the “Cheers for 40 Years” rogaine, this years 40th Anniversary Novelty Rogaine Event.

Jo, Liz and I have enjoyed setting this event with the weather warming up and beautiful blue skies. Throughout this event there is ocean views, garden paths and adventure parks to keep you busy.

We hope Rogainer’s of all experience levels will enjoy exploring these beautiful Northern Costal Suburbs as much as we have.

We have added in over 75 controls so the crowds should have enough route choice options for all contenders.  

You may want to bring your bathers as there is 5km of amazing coast line to cover with over 10 controls to visit. You will find lots of look out steps to climb and playgrounds with clues for the kids.

The sun will be out and probably the freo doctor so make sure you have plenty of water and sun protection. There is a Brewery just 500meters from Hash House just in case you run out of water. Or want to celebrate this 40th Year Anniversary event a little early!

We look forward to seeing you all and enjoying the Spit Roast, cake and other celebrations post Rogaine.

Don’t forget to order your 40th Anniversary merchandise from the WARA shop!! 

Emma, Josephine and Elizabeth (nee lockley)

Enter Now

Entry via Entry Central. Registrations close at 11:59pm on Wednesday 4th of November 2020.


Location northern suburbs


Getting there tba.


Key times Registration and maps available from 12pm. Briefing 12:50pm. Start 1pm.


Facilities tba.


Maps TBA. Compasses are allowed but not really necessary. No GPS or equivalent. Use only the map provided - no separate street directory. Do not use PCs, Laptops, PDAs or mobiles for googling answers! (This is against the spirit of rogaining!) Also - no guessing! If we think you appear to have been transported in space by answering a question at a control impossibly far away, it will be disallowed - so there!


Scoring Instead of control cards to be punched competitors will be given a questionnaire with an answer column to be completed.


Equipment needed


  • Writing implements (a clipboard may also help for easier writing, and highlighter pens may also be useful).
  • Hat/sunscreen/ sunglasses, walking/running shoes, suitable clothing... it could be quite warm at this time of year.
  • A compass isn't needed although some people like to have one for orientation at junctions or bland areas.
  • Bring at least 1 litre of drinking water, per person, to the event. Whilst some parks have water taps, and there are shops/ cafes/ pubs, for large areas of the course you will need to be self-sufficient.


·        Bring Chairs for a post-event sit down.








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