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ON-LINE ENTRIES (Release 1.3)
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  Current Australia/Perth time is 9:31am on Tuesday the 23rd of October, 2018  
There are currently no events open for entries.

Entries for the next event will open on Wednesday 31st of October, 2018.


  • We accept Credit Cards for payment, via the PayPal system.

  • If you prefer to enter the old fashioned way - get an entry form from the Latest Newsletter

  • Teams must consist of between two and five people

  • All team members must already be or become members of a rogaining association. (Don't worry, you can join the WA rogaining association as part of your entry if you aren't already a member.)

  • Teams are classified into categories based on team member: 

    • AGE: Juniors, Veterans, Super-veterans, and Ultra-veterans (J, V, S, U)

    • GENDER MIX: Mens, Womens, and miXed (M, W, X) teams.

  • Your team will be automatically entered into the appropriate categories based on birthdate and gender information you provide.

  • Any team with a person under 14 years must also have one person over 18 years as well.

  • Junior Supervision: Groups of ten or more Juniors MUST be supervised throughout the event at the campsite (hash house site) by a non-competing adult.