postheadericon Jarrahdale Jaunt - 22 October 2016

Where is It??? The majority would say, just down the road, but is it???
Do not confuse it with Jarrahwood???? The majority wins as Jarrahwood is on the Vasse Hwy between Busselton and Nannup, but you all knew that right???
Why would you want to Rogaine in Jarrahdale???

Well, let me help you decide.

1. No long journey for most of you to participate.
2. Almost all on bitumen road to HH site.
3. A great variety of vertical (and less vertical) terrain to suit all levels of competitors.
4. Majority of course in bushland, but small amount of farmland in the steeper terrain.
5. Many colourful wildflowers should still be in bloom.
6. An abundance of roads and tracks to make navigation easy or confusing.
7. Heritage Trails and old railway lines to explore.
8. Option to have coffee, tea, wine or beer, as well as water, as there is a Cafe, Tavern and a Winery all within the event area.
9. Attend a “Bush Setting Wedding” as an uninvited guest if you time it right.
10. Last but not least, a little bit of History about this Historical Timber Town...

... Between the 1830s and 1850s Settlers' holdings were established around the present town site, producing wheat, vegetables and sheep. In 1862 the Gooralong valley received torrential rains over a four week period, and it has been calculated that the Jarrahdale town site would have received 650mm. (Let's hope it's fine for our weekend).
... The timber industry commenced in the early 1870s and a railway line was built from Jarrahdale to Rockingham in 1872, for the export of Jarrah Timber. The Murray Arms Hotel was opened in 1886. In the 1890s, boom years commenced with the discovery of Gold and in the late 1890s Jarrahdale was the fourth largest community in WA, behind Perth, Bunbury and Kalgoorlie. By 1900, the township had a population of 1200 people with a further 800 more in the surrounding mill sites.
... Several fires over the years had destroyed many mills and one destroyed the township in 1895. In 1902, the amalgamation of eight major saw milling companies into one, which was named Millars Karri & Jarrah Company Ltd. During the 1930s, mechanisation took place with Crawler Logging Tractors replacing horse teams, and Log Hauling Trucks became important in the 1940s. In 1949 the No1 mill was destroyed by fire, but rebuilt again and in 1950 the
Rail line to Rockingham was pulled up.
Since 1950, Jarrahdale has been witness to:-
• Building of the Serpentine Dam – opened in 1961
• Closing of the Town Hospital
• Destruction of the School by fire and its rebuilding
• Commencement of Bauxite Mining in 1963
• Closing down of Bauxite Mill in Langford Park in 1997
• Millars selling out to Bunnings in 1993
• National Trust (WA) classified Jarrahdale as a Heritage Town in 1997
• The Old Post Office, built in 1896, provides a wealth of info as well as a range of local crafts.

So come on down and enjoy this historic area.

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