postheadericon Down South - Oz Champs 17-18 September 2016

Where will you be this September? There can only be one answer to this compelling question

– Down South!

Nannup – hidden gem of the south, territory of the mysterious Nannup Tiger, home of the free spirited music festival and soon to be retirement village of an enigmatic, ubiquitous true WARA legend – Warren Smith. They’ve even named the main street and a river after him in anticipation of his impending permanent residency.

Nannup will soon add one more item to its impressive list of claims to fame. This September, Nannup will play host to the 2016 edition of the Australasian Rogaining Championships.

  • Entries are now closed, and the updated entry list is here.
  • The Event Site and Course page has been updated with timings and map scale.

Want to know more about the event ? Go to the Oz Champs Website

The vainglorious team of THE (self proclaimed) Legend and Mike (aka Jeff Conrades and Ian Thomsett) have already been hard at work securing an area, drawing maps, jumping to conclusions, running around in circles and generally testing the patience of the local population.

Thankfully, the ever vigilant vetters in Sue’s other half and Hernia (otherwise known as Bryan McClintock and Geoff Hearne) have kept in check the more impetuous ideas of THE Legend. As a result we offer you a map surfeit with sweeping vistas, soaring peaks, raging rivers, and bottomless canyons, tempered with gentle rolling hills, peaceful pine forests, fields of butterflies, mobs of emus and the odd blackberry patch. A course to challenge the body and test the mettle of rogainers, both meek and courageous, has now been laid and we await, with slathering anticipation, the accolades (or rotten fruit) of the appreciative, discerning, rogaining enthusiasts.

Want more? We offer you a range of control sites from those on view points to make you gasp (in visual pleasure and anaerobic pain) to those buried in deep, dark, dank pine forests. We can boast a hash house site with bitumen right to the front door and enough room to accommodate any number of the most ostentatious caravans and campers, a wood fired pizza fest on the Friday night before the event and a hash house menu laced with gourmet beef patties and sausages straight off the hash house paddock (courtesy of our hosts of Windi Windi Farm) with barista style coffee.

What more can we say? Except… this September the only place to be is DOWN SOUTH!

Are you GOING DOWN? South?

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