postheadericon I'm Not Carryin'yah Rogaine 19 March 2016

This year’s 6hr rogaine takes place very close to home, in the bushland out behind Pickering Brook in an area commonly known as Carinyah.

For those of you new to the area, there are LOADS of tracks to get confused on and, just for something different, they will all be on the map. Yes all! In fact due to the laziness of the setter (and the not-yet-permission issue), many of the controls will be on or near tracks just to make your life easier. Don’t think this means you can just walk tracks between the controls though. How silly; I’m not that nice. You should probably still bring a compass and your legs because I’m not carryin’ yah.

We also don’t really have a setting team so you’ll just have to rely on our honesty and awesomeness at control placement. Between Graham and me we have Many Years of rogaining experience so you should be AMAZED at this great event. So come for a short
drive (it is bitumen all the way to the HH, enjoy the bush in autumn and have a gentle stroll around. You’ll love what you might find out there (well you will if you love tracks, the outdoors and trees).

p.s. There is a cidery just 1km from the start that’s open on Saturdays so seriously, no excuse.

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