postheadericon Wunder Bin Rogaine 27 June 2015

The course selected for this year's State Championships promises to rekindle some fond memories. Tasked with plugging a vacancy in the setting of the highlight event of the year (no one else had volunteered to set), we looked into the Wunder Bin of past rogaines and recycled an oldie but a goody with a few differences.

The site of the State Champs is set in some rolling paddocks surrounded by bush.  The bush for the most part is open wandoo forest with some patches of parrot bush and other scrub.  There is a range of tracks criss-crossing through the scrub and the major ones are mapped.
The map offers challenges for those who are looking for a state championship badge and some good rogaining for the more casual entrant.  For the new entrant to rogaining there are plenty of opportunities to test out some navigation skills without going too far off the beaten track.

This year's state champs will see us all trek east along Great Southern Highway to waddle around the upper reaches of the Helena River (and WunderBiniring Brook) and scramble over the top of them small hillocks curiously called Mounts.
There is a variety of wildlife running around – kangaroos and wallabies and plenty of birds in the trees.  While it is not spring there are always a few wild flowers out and if you venture up some of the not too big hills there are some great views  It offers something for everyone and is within an easy distance from Perth.
You will soon enough recall if you were in the area before, and appreciate what a great experience we are about to serve you with. As Paul the Prez reminds me, "It is a State Champs after all. Let's make it fun!"

So come join Paul, Brian, Nick and me on the 27th of June and we can reminisce over your fondest rogaine survival memories. It could turn out to be therapeutic.

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