postheadericon Emu's Run 1 November 2014

Those who have rogained for a while
Will remember his style
He has returned from the East
Without his great beast
The Old Man Emu himself
Vince Harding one off the shelf
The man who claims rogaining is fun
Agreed to show how it is done
Emu's Run is the result
Hope it's not an insult
As he guided us through
The the controls are all true
Easy to find
Unless one is blind
So come on down
You are unlikely to drown
And even if you are not great
The Hash House will still fill your plate! (Stan Barclay)

Come & join us in the hills one hour east of Perth. The gentle rolling terrain is in open Wandoo forest, interesting rock formations, with no farmland or parrot bush and lots of wildflowers and grass trees to view along way. There are defined features for everyone to enjoy and subtle and challenging ones set for the guns to complete. Whilst setting we discovered 3 large emu nests each having 10 eggs so you should have many emu chicks to accompany you. A large flat hash house area is set in the bush. We will have put out 6 water drops but as it is a November rogaine, be sure to start with sufficient water. Please join us for the Friday night banter with byo - everything or come earlier & help set up. An extra pair of hands is always helpful.

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