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I was overwhelmed with the interest and participation for the Tiger Territory Rogaine in Nannup and travelling all that way to a Rogaine. The response from the members and local townspeople was all positive for the whole duration of the setting process and the Event itself.

Thank you to Bryan McClintock for helping me set the Rogaine and to Ron Lockley and Geoff Monk for doing a great job of Vetting the map.

I was concerned in the lead up to the Rogaine for two things – One was that we were heading into the beginning of the fire season and it did turn out to be very hot on the Saturday. Being a part of the local Bush Fire Brigade, I didn’t want to be responsible for a fire within the district, that’s why I was a bit nervous on the Friday night when sparks were flying from the washing machine fire!! Secondly, the height of the river was a concern due to the nature of the map and possible route choices. We had a decent amount of rain in the lead up to the Rogaine and the last thing I wanted was to stop people trying to cross the river. As it turned out it dropped quickly over the 2 weeks preceding and was only ankle deep for the event.

Rogaining received a great deal of publicity in the lead up to and after the Rogaine. The local Nannup Telegraph gave us plenty of coverage with 3 editions going into the event, 3 pages with photos following the Rogaine and the Bridgetown / Manjimup paper gave us the full sports back page.

The positive feedback from the townspeople is a credit to all those members that attended. As I returned to the local stores on the Sunday morning to retrieve the extra punch they all, without exception, commented on the friendliness of the Rogainers and the patience that was demonstrated when you needed to wait for service at the various stores

Congratulations to the winning team in covering the distance that they did with that terrain and I understand that one of the Nannup Tigers given as a prize was named after me! What could be more fitting? I knew that some of the ground that needed to be covered was quite “hilly” but I’m sure that those that did climb to the top of those hills were able to see what a picturesque place Nannup is.

A special thanks needs to go to Ian Thomsett for all the work that he did for me in producing the map. Although it was my 12th Rogaine, I’m still not very good at the computer, so thank you Ian. The other aspect of the map was the accuracy of the controls and to that I thank my son Trent. I could not have achieved the results I wanted without his technical assistance with the GPS data and his special “toys” that he let me use, especially when on occasions it dropped out on me and he was able to retrieve the data.

This of course takes nothing away from Geoff and Ron for their “brutal” accuracy in vetting the map! On one occasion we had the description as 80mtrs from a road junction. It was not good enough for Ron because we should had taken the measurement from the “centre” of the junction so we adjusted the description an extra 10mtrs!! Thanks guys.

Thanks to the Committee for supporting us for an event that was so far out of town and to Paul XYZ for the company when we conducted the Seminar in Nannup a few weeks before the event. After all, part of our charter, as a Sporting Association with Dept of Sport and Recreation, is that of “Regional Development” and I think we are doing very well at the moment fulfilling that idea with Nannup, Geraldton and Millstream National Park. Well done to all of you and thank you for your support.
See you at the next one.

.. Warren, Bryan, Geoff and Ron

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