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The October 27th, 12hr Rogaine is going to be held in the picturesque town site of Nannup.

Back in 1996 I set my first Rogaine called “Everybody’s”. Some have said that the Everybody’s Rogaine changed the way Rogaine events have been set since then, closer controls, higher value water drops and high points close to the HH to suit the “family” teams etc.

This event will be the 12th Rogaine that I have been involved in either setting or vetting and I will explain how it will be different later in the article.

Nannup is a town of contrasts. The country-side varies from the rolling green, open hillside farms, pine plantations, State Forests and the occasional blue gum plantation. Of course there is the Town site itself which is smack in the middle of the map.

The response from the landowners has been amazing along with their willingness to help in whichever way they can.

Nannup is diverse within the town itself. It can be a nice quiet, sometimes sleepy town (that is why I chose to build my weekender there) or it can put on such an extravaganza of Festivals, such as the Quit Forest Rally, the yearly Music Festival, the Flower and Garden Festival and a multitude of Art weekends, all of which bring many people to Nannup, not to forget the fortnightly Saturday morning Street Markets.

Why will this event be different?
There are 4 cafes in town – the Bridge Café, Templemore Café, the Blackwood Café and the Good Food Shop. Along with these businesses there is the Nannup Hotel, a Lolly shop and a petrol station. All of these places are within a 300mtr stretch of the main road running through the centre of town.

There will be a control at each of these places worth X amount of points. Once you have punched the control you can double your points by purchasing something from that particular establishment. When you identify yourself as a Rogainer, you will receive another punch on your card from the proprietor whereby you will double your points for that control.

This small gesture will give some benefit back to the town for us being there for the day and places a challenge to the team planning and pace of the Rogaine, because the town virtually closes down between 4 – 5pm on the Saturday and if you have not been through town by that time, you will miss out on the “bonus points”.

There will be NO comeback to the Admin if you miss the opportunity of the extra points. These are the rules set in place before you start.  
More information will become available in future newsletters closer to the October event.

I think that the “Social Rogainer” will have a great day of competition and relaxation whilst the “guns” will be scratching their heads on how to plan their course?

Bring a few dollars with you and your camera for there are some spectacular vantage points close to town for great photos. There are properties, with chalets, whose land we will be crossing. Why not make a long weekend of it and stay Sunday night as well? Details of places you can stay will be in the next

Rogaining IS fun, come and join us.


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