postheadericon Joondal - the Ups and Downs: Setter's Report

After careful planning and multiple drive arounds of the Joondalup area, the day finally arrived and so did the setters, the truck, the volunteers and the participants and later on the weather … but that is getting ahead of ourselves.

It was a warm day and last minute checking of a control brought out a bit of a sweat and for many of the entrants it would have raised the odd bead of moisture as well.  It was sunny and fine though.  The maps were handed out just before the start so there tended to be minimal planning – part of the dastardly plot of the setters to make people think on their feet.  The cry went out and so did the assembled multitude to the four corners of the compass.

The lake to the east had been carefully placed to offer a choice for the more adventurous – could they make it around the lake in time?  Some did while the bulk picked up a few of the controls on the west side and concentrated on the areas to the west of the lake, up the hills south of the ECU campus and around the central shopping complex.

Aside from the hills the ups included the nice weather, the fun most people seemed to have, the coffee shops, the availability of icecreams, the convenient barbecues and shelter at the ECU campus admin site and the general fact that it was a great day to be out.

The downs included the downhill after the uphill, that at times it was a bit hot, the distance some people walked and an error on a popular control.  Due to a transcription error, a control located near the lake which was meant to be the type of tree for the only tree in the middle of a clear paddock had the wrong question and people were looking everywhere for a number on a pole.  It is lesson for setters to make sure that every description is scrupulously checked at all stages – especially at the end.   

Picking things for controls for a novelty event is always prone to confusion.  A general rule should be where there is something to count – pick something else.  Signs are great especially when they have phone numbers or other details but counting planks on a jetty can be a pain.  Where it was thought that only the end planks should be counted many people counted all the planks – we considered giving extra points for the additional effort but decided against it but congratulations to all those who did count the 123 planks.

After the fine weather during the day we had a great sausage sizzle at the end and were reading through the results and down to the top 20 or so when the rain started.  It had held off and suddenly the heavens opened with a vengeance.  Luckily the sausage sizzle had all gone by that time and packing was in progress.  Reading the final leadup to the winners the noise of the hail and rain on the roof was deafening.  Given this, there weren’t many hanging around so it wound up fairly quickly.

Congratulations to all the participants and especially to those hardy souls who made it around the lake and came up trumps.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the Admin and the Sausage sizzle and special thanks to Donna for bringing the truck.  Your assistance was most appreciated.

Cheers, merry Xmas, happy new year and always remember – Rogaining is fun!*

... Brian, Bryan and Jane – the setters

* Just ignore the blisters, cramps, worn out feet, legs, etc.

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