postheadericon Joondal Up and Down Metro Mayhem - 24 November 2012

Following on the success of last year’s novelty event at  Mandurah the terrific trio of Brian, Bryan and Jane (we missed the Tarzan part) will be doing it again. Yes, the Joondal Up and Down will there to entertain and amuse you. We looked around at some maps and thought of a few varieties on the theme. After much thought (just close your eyes and stick in the pin, will you) we decided on the northern suburbs metropolis as a focus for a metro mayhem ... err metro march .. type event. The fair spaces of suburbia, parks and scrub of Joondalup now beckon forth (or fifth).

It is very easy to get to – just follow the Mitchell Freeway north (or south if you live in the boondocks) and then go across to the Edith Cowan University campus. Here on the south side of the campus with plenty of parking adjacent is where we will be setting up the Hash House site (well technically skip the Hash House but we will have Admin and some barbies). There are conveniently located conveniences, some onsite barbecues, a picturesque little ornamental lake and lots of hopping creatures wandering about (that’s roos to you, not the students).

In keeping with the metro march format it will be a Four Hour event in the afternoon going from 1.00pm to 5.00pm. You can walk, run or jog as much as you wish or just find a nice spot to sit
and enjoy a coffee or three. You can bring a compass but there should not be any need for it. The event is open not only to members but also to friends and non-members (a gentle and relaxing way to introduce them to the sport). As in previous years, the sausage sizzle and picnic at the end of the event is included in the event fees.

There will be a variety of controls to get you to know something about the Joondalup area, so come along and have a good time. You too can Joondal up and down.

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