postheadericon Nocky's Delight Rogaine - 26 March 1999

This event is just 50 mins from Perth in reclaimed farmland, with some plantations and undulating terrain. No bush bashing required as most of the undergrowth has been removed, but plenty of small hills to make it interesting. Also lots of tracks, watercourses with many beautiful granite outcrops and heaps of splendid grass trees.

No badges as prizes allocated for this event, but instead the winners receive a decent, exciting and worthwhile reward.

With only two hours of real dark (there will hopefully be a full moon) this is a great event for beginners and the mediocre competitors who are afraid of night navigation. A good opportunity to practice the DARK side of Rogaining - night skills in a short time-frame.

There will be NO hash house and campfires, pets and smoking will NOT be permitted. However you MAY camp overnight and there will be gas BBQs and chemical toilets available.

ADVICE TO POTENTIAL WINNERS (From one of last years winners)

  1. Plan a very efficient, but achievable course.
  2. Carry just essentials such as water, food and torch.
  3. Be prepared to move quickly and jog the tracks and open ground.
  4. Be cautious in the last hours in the dark as a big error here will cost you that prized first place.


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