postheadericon Wandering Around Wongamine USD Rogaine 27 and 28 February 1999

This rogaine offers you:

  • a hash site just a one hour drive from Midland
  • varied terrain ranging from flat, open farmland to deep gullies an d steep, rocky outcrops
  • fences
  • numerous dried up water courses
  • local fauna i.e. sheep, cows, kangaroos, foxes, birds
  • local flora i.e. stubble from oats, barley, canola, lupins, grass seeds. Wear your gaiters.
  • clumps of trees. Hint: If you can't find a control, look for a tree.
  • the occasional fence
  • a partially shaded hash site. Bring tarpaulins for extra shade.
  • An unfenced, disused mine shaft. To be avoided! We will mark it with tape.
  • dams
  • more fences
  • panoramic views if you're prepared to scale the heights to see them
  • a warm balmy moonlit hight. Average minimum temperature for Feb is 17 degrees
  • a sumptuous breakfast as a reward for all your efforts
  • an extra day to recover, this being a long weekend

Did I mention fences? I forgot to add that there are electric fences too.

The Setters: Keith, Margaret and Jim

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