postheadericon Red Line Fever Rogaine - 8 and 9 August 1998

This deluxe event is brought to you by the setters of such classics as "Jarrahsic Bark", "The 11th Hour" and "McBike" and promises some superb rogaining for everyone. The Legend even begged to be allowed to vet the event and once we'd eventually got him to promise to admit that Collingwood are indeed a top footy team we consented, although if we're lucky Will will (!) have it all done by the time he comes back.

Hash-house is near Wandering and is a great site - part of a grassy paddock almost surrounded by trees (great for frisbee throwing and football). One of the main areas of bush on our 70% farmland map is adjacent to the hash, but in all other directions there is mostly relatively steep semi-vegetated farmland and an abundance of cleared paddocks.

The rest of the map is well-defined with some steepish sections and no bland flat areas. Navigation by contours is a doodle! We'll have easier controls for those wanting a shorter friendly walk and for those up to a challenge, there'll be some that actually require you to navigate between controls rather walk aimlessly from boring hilltop to hilltop!

Overall route choice will prove to be decisive in the smaller-than-usual area with some water obstacles and an abundance of very accurately mapped cropped areas forcing some careful planning. It is fast in most of the bush and all of the farmland so red-line it in places, but be careful!

It is a very pleasant area and we invite you to come and enjoy it as much as we are while setting (just watch out for the Mummy wild pig and her thirteen little piggies).

John Toomey and Adrian Day

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