postheadericon Blazing Saddles Bicycle Rogaine - 30 November 1997

Dust off those bicycles and toughen up those backsides.
It's time for the annual...

Cycle Rogaine

Enjoy the views! (this means lots of climb).
Take in scenic surrounds!
Sit back, relax and enjoy a gentle ride!
(after six hours in the saddle the last thing you'll want to do is sit.)
We proudly bring you...
Blazing Saddles.
Oh no you say? - Oh yes!
Sunday November 30th 1997
10am to 4 pm. (6 Hours)
Maps available from 8am.
Maps to be used is the new Swan-Stirling Bicycle map.
Adequate black and white master maps will be handed out.
To get there - travel up Great Eastern Highway to Brooking Road, turn
north and follow the Rogaine Signs.
Enjoy a BBQ afterwards - BYO everything!

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