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"Blazing Saddles" 6 Hour Bicycle Rogaine - 30th November 1997

A small group of people turned up for a pleasant afternoon entertainment - pleasant for us because we enjoyed the hospitality of the Parkerville Tavern.

Some people very keen because they came from Geraldton! John Cummins was impressed by the whole concept and is thinking about organising an event up there, so start thinking seriously about a long weekend adventure.

All appeared to enjoy the event and there was the odd tale to tell. In particular, it was ironic that as I set the event and having had the distinction of being one of the few people not to make it back under my own steam, that this feat should be repeated again by Hamish Barrett. It appears that having scored more points than anyone else by far, the final climb back up Greenmount Hill was too much him and Ricky had to retrieve him by car - bad luck guys - it was a great effort.

Prizes were awarded to the winners courtesy of Pete Cycles of Walter Road Morley. Pete supplied technical support for my father’s preparations on both of his cross Australia rides and is a top bloke.

Cheers, Ian Thomsett

Members Points Awards
Shayne Hill, Damien West 2370 1st
Chip Lundstrom, Lars Lundstrom 2100 2nd
Sam Barron, John Cummins 1980 3rd
Carol Broderick, Ken Bownlie 1920
Jo Hiller, Roy Hiller 1830
Lois West, Rob West 1820
Mal Dennett, Craig Dermer 1750
Paul Dowling, Peter Gannaway 1740
Peter Hill, Lyn Stoltz 1720
Simone Cuanee, Uli Seydl, Peter Clissa 1630
Alastair Honeybun, Russell Honeybun, David Murray, Andrew Lin 1380
Steve van der Walt, Cathy Lewis 1100
Toni Frank, Judy Hill 1050
Liz Lockley, Daniel McKechan 330
Hamish Barrett, Ricky Thackray 3130 (Disq)

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