postheadericon McBike Rogaine - 24 November 1996

Venue: YMCA Hockey clubrooms. Enter off Perry Lakes Drive.
Registration: 10:30am
Start: 12:00 noon
Finish: 6:00pm
Cost: $2 per team member
Bring: Pen, pencil, marker or highlighter
Map: The course will be set on either the Perth/Wanneroo or the Perth/Fremantle bike map (the rogaine area overlaps).  One A3 photocopied map with controls marked will be provided per team. Your may want to bring your own copy of the bike map.

The course is set on sealed roads and includes parks and shopping centres for refreshments. Perry Lakes has excellent BBQ facilities so bring your food and refreshments and enjoy the evening afterwards.

Heaps of prizes will be awarded.

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