postheadericon Beyond the Boundary - 17/18 June 2000

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you find life a bore? Do you yearn for new challenges? Are you tired of rogaines where you trudge for hours across farmland, having spotted the next control at 500m? Do you long for a Rogaine where overuse of the "red line" will court disaster? Is your sex life in decline? Well we can't help you with your sex life, but we can offer you the opportunity to discover your limits when we challenge you to go "beyond the boundary".

After extensive research the setters have selected a vast tract of jarrah and wandoo forest north of Collie. If you're after an easy stroll through farmland then stay at home, because there is none (farmland that is). You will get a fleeting glimpse of civilisation from one control, but then it's into uncharted territory beyond the boundary. There are swamps, but after psychological counselling the setters were persuaded not to position a control in the middle of one. The setters have been on the lookout for parrot bush, but sadly it is open woodland and the parrot bush is in short supply. There are some patches of 2m prickly moses however, which is almost as good, some would argue even better. You can be the judge when you go beyond the boundary.

There are also majestic pylons beyond the boundary, relics of some forgotten civilisation, as well as the migratory track of the Bibbulmun Boobook, a strange bipedal creature known to traverse large distances for reasons that remain obscure. You'll need to be prepared for a good long walk when you go beyond the boundary, and you'll be richly rewarded for every control visited. There are 9 controls within 1.9 km of the Hash House, so even those who want to go rogaining without actually walking will be delighted. So get into training now and we'll see you in June when you accept the challenge and go beyond the boundary at the "Beyond the Boundary" rogaine.

Keith Stewart and Ian Dalton


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