postheadericon Cornish Pasture Rogaine - 10/11 June 2006

The event is set in a well known Rogaining area SE of Perth (near Wandering) with a well established winter climate of cold. It could well be foggy during some part of the event just to add that extra challenge but also it may provide you with that magical moment of the fog lifting thru the suns rays and you see that ever elusive control glistening in the still morning air. Who cares if it wasn’t the one you were going for. So temperature wise it should be the complete antithesis of the 12 hour Monky Business event, which is probably a good thing.

Fifty percent of the area is virgin rogaining territory with the other fifty percent having been used in the past. The terrain offers something for all Rogainers, whether inexperienced, semi experienced, or very
experienced, it will provide both challenges and highlights. It ranges from flat to undulating farmland
thru to quite hilly farmland with bush top ridges. There is also undulating, open bush areas as well as
steep bush areas that are not so open and add to this some sections of Pine and Eucalypt plantation as well as a couple of vineyards for extra variety that may offer other challenges. What about the wild life I hear you say!!! Well there is even some of that too. On the domestic front there are the usual cattle, sheep and horses but there are also alpacas, donkeys, dogs and honking geese. On the wild side there are foxes, kangaroos in abundance, numerous parrots, a variety of ducks, rabbits and the Big Three E’s.
No not elephants, elks, or eskimo dogs but Emus, Eagles and Echidnas.
So come along and enjoy the cool, crisp country air and the view from the hash house site.

From the setting and vetting team of
John, Frank, Keith, Ashley and Bondy

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