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Peter Mattner, Ron Oliver, Paul (Wil) Williams and Dave Symons have found a location close to Perth in the Avon Valley National Park for the Spring 24-hour. The map promises a few hills, plenty of bush land... and very little parrot bush.

Hash House will be about 1 hour's drive from Perth. It is in a National Park, and the committee has decided that entries fees will be standard, despite additional costs for park entry and camping fees.

30 July - updated Camping info.

Entries now closed

Teams Entered - 122 teams, 325 participants

EVENT DIRECTIONS will be available on the Monday before the event via the link in your original event registration confirmation email.


  • Peter Mattner, Ron Oliver, David Symons and Wil.


  • Near Avon Valley National Park - approximately an hour’s drive east of Perth.

Event schedule

  • Event date is Saturday 18 August 2018.
  • Event duration is 24 hours from 12 noon Saturday to 12 noon Sunday.


  • Adult $60, Junior (under 18) $30, Child (under 10) Free
  • Non-participants pay the same fee as participants (our costs are mainly food, facilities and transport).
  • Entries close Wednesday midnight 8 August.
  • Between 2 and 5 people per team.
  • No refund for cancellations after close of entries.

Map and Course Notes

  • The site is entirely bush comprising mainly wandoo, jarrah and marri forest. The terrain is quite varied. There are areas where it is relatively flat and open and others where the bush is quite thick. Being the Avon Valley, there are some steep sections for those who enjoy a challenge but there are many areas of rolling bushland for families and novices. Elsewhere, there are plentiful tracks, hills, gullies, knolls and watercourses.
  • Map 1:50k, A3 size (until further notice).


  • The hash house is set in a flat open area and has easy access to all vehicles including caravans and camper trailers.
  • Given we are in a National Park, WARA will be charged fees for camping. WARA will cover these costs with event entry offset by profits from other events.
  • Whilst camping is permitted for Friday and Saturday nights, we would prefer people to camp on Saturday night only to keep WARA’s costs to a minimum.
  • The signs to the site will be out from midday Friday.


  • A BBQ will be available for your use on Friday night. As usual, all entrants need to be to be self sufficient with regards to food and water before and after the event.
  • The Hash House will operate on it's usual schedule of 5pm Saturday to 1pm Sunday. Expect the usual excellent fare.

Transport and Directions

  • Can be downloaded from the Monday of the week of the event. You will need to click the link in the email you received when you registered online.


  • Compass Hire (per person) is $5.00
  • Team changes and additions (you can remove and add team members, as long as you stay within min 2 and max 5 people per team) at rego desk, bring cash for additional entry payments.

Further info

  • Handy info about entering an event
  • If you don't have a team, you can contact the Rogaine Partner Matching Service @  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • WARA Novice Guide
  • Rules of Rogaining


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