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2002 Paddy Pallin Junior Cadet Challenge - Saturday 27th April 2002

Overall Team Members Cadet Unit Score Elapsed
1 201MJCK Brodie Lewis, Chris Stewart Rossmoyne CALM Bush Rangers 520 5:57:44
2 207MJCNK Jason Enicuzis, Sean Murphy, Damien McDonald Lakeland Emergency Services 320 4:02:49
3 206MJCNK Mark McDonald, Jarrod Smith Lakeland Emergency Services 300 5:59:10
4 210XJCNK Millie Mitchell, Jacinta Rose, Lisa Mann, Jamie Mann, Astrid Holland Applecross SHS Red Cross 190 5:50:45
5 203XJCNK Amanda Odgers, Renee Odgers, Renee Powell, Tyler Winter Lakeland Emergency Services 170 4:18:11
6 202XJCK Phil Cooper, Megan Cooper Rossmoyne CALM Bush Rangers 160 3:09:19
7 205XJCK Leigha Griffin, Damien Price Lakeland Emergency Services 100 4:48:02
8 208XJCNK Elise Lloyd, Chloe Quinn-Schofield, Bradley Rylance Saint Joseph's Army 90 6:01:50

"Finish Time" is the time elapsed from the start of event.

M=Men, W=Women, X=Mixed
J=Junior, V=Veteran, S=SuperVet, U=UltraVet
N=Novice, I=University, F=Family, T=Scout, C=Cadet, K= Special Event Team

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