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Safety Manual (Safety, Search & Rescue, and First Aid)  in PDF (307k)


Administration Manual -  PDF (1.9M)


WARA Setting and Vetting Manual

This manual has been split into parts. The main document is in PDF which can be viewed by selecting Setting and Vetting Manual. (1.7 MB)

The Appendices have been separated into documents that may be downloaded and used as required.

Please direct any queries or questions regarding this manual to Owen Horton.

  • A - Government Contacts. PDF. (44 kB)
  • B - Water Corp Catchment Map. PDF. (556 kB)
  • C - DCBA Application Form. Word. (439 kB)
  • D - Emergency Management Plan Template. Word. (35 kB)
  • E - Traffic Management Plan Template. Word. (109 kB)
  • F - WARA GPS Users Manual. PDF. (224 kB)
  • G - Landholder Record Sheet. Excel. (28 kB)
  • H - Safety Manual Extract. PDF. (225 kB)
  • I - Australian Rogaining Association Technical Standards And Rules Of Rogaining. PDF. (219 kB)
  • J - Australian Rogaining Association Environmental Guidelines. PDF. (61 kB)
  • K - Map Standards And OOMapper. PDF (2.1 MB)
  • L - Sample Control Description Sheet. Excel. (22 kB)
  • M - Expense Claim Form. Word. (39 kB).
  • N - Accident Report Form. Word. (43 kb)
  • O - Avenza Users Manual. PDF (330 kB)

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Copyright .... 1999 on  , The Western Australian Rogaining Association (Inc).


HASH (cooking) manual pack ZIPFILE (400k)

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