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The Western Australian Rogaining Association uses the following Classes and Categories for entries into all events.

The codes we use are:

Teams Classes

Women W All team members are female.
Men M All team members are male.
Mixed X Team has at least one female AND at least one male.

Team Categories

Novice N All team members are competing in their first rogaine after their 10th birthday (not including 6 hour or shorter events).
Family F All team members must be a family composed of children and their parent(s) or step-parent(s) and at least one team member must be younger than 14 years of age.
Scouts T All team members are Scouts and/or Guides and juniors in the majority.
Cadet C All team members are Cadets and are juniors in the majority (CALM Bush Rangers, Police, St. John's, SES, Army, Air Force, Navy).
University I All team members are students in any tertiary institution.
Juniors J All team members are 14 and over and are under 18 years.
Veterans V All team members are 40 years or age or over.
SuperVets S All team members are 55 years of age or over.
UltraVet U All team members are 65 years of age or over.
Note: Any competitor under 14 must be accompanied by at least one member 18 or older.

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