postheadericon Corflute Quest Rogaine - 17 November 2007

The first, and possibly last, WARA 6 hour to be held at the end of the year will be from 3pm to 9pm onNovember 17th. The venue is the picturesque hills near The Lakes east of Chidlow. Those familiar with the TBA or the Century End rogaines will find this area hauntingly familiar, although the hash house site will be different. The terrain is interesting and varied – lots of jarrah and marri, pine forest and some resumed farmland so there will be open terrain as well.

At the time of going to press (ie being hassled by Gerard-The-Editor) we do not have formal approval for this event at this location but things look positive. If this area does not work out we will endeavour to find a nearby location in the hills near Perth.

Running the 6 hour in November, rather than the usual March, is an experiment by the WARA committee. When holding the 6 hour in March WARA have half of our annual events within 8 weeks of each other. Holding the 6 hour in November spreads the events out more evenly and the weather is
normally kinder in November than in March. So, is this a good idea or a bad idea?
Remember – This is a 6 hour rogaine so there is no hash house supplying meals.
See you there!

Ashley and Alexia Horton, Warren Smith and Al Jansen

p.s. Why not fill in the 6 second, 6 hour survey on the back of the entry form?

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