postheadericon Wandooring in the Wandoo 9hr Rogaine - 28 October 2023

Being the final bush event for the year, we’ve decided to give you everything you could want to make it the perfect Rogaine. It’s just a short drive from Perth with lots of stunning open Wandoo country where you can enjoy beautiful late spring wildflowers (*still tonnes of wildflowers & orchids at time of entries opening), And amazingly the entire area of this map is being used for the very first time. The terrain is mostly gentle rolling hills with long vistas and in most areas the vegetation is very open. While the setters have seen lots of kangaroos, fortunately there are very few kangaroo ticks. Don’t miss this one!

Unfortunately we were unable to secure access for overnight camping, so this event will be a 9 hour Rogaine running from 11am until 8pm with maps available from 9am.

- from the Setters: David Symons, Paul Williams, Tony Scalzo, Peter Mann, Arielle Fontaine, Matthew Williams



$30 adult, $15 junior, free child.


Run Sheet:

7.00-7.30 am   Truck and trailer to arrive.

7.30-7.45 am   Portaloos to be delivered by Coates Hire.

7.30-9.00 am   Admin team to setup Admin using 2 pop-up tents. Also setup First aid pop-up.

9.00 am           Admin team to commence registration and handing out map and clue sheets 

10.00 am         Novice briefing

11.00 noon      Event starts

5.00-8.30 pm  Sausage sizzle (is this fire ban dependent?)

8.00 pm           Event finishes

8.30 pm           Read out results or earlier if available.

8.30-9.30 pm  Pack up Admin and First Aid.

9.30 pm           Coates Hire to pick up Portaloos
10.00 pm         All participants and volunteers to leave site by 10.00 pm

Maybe on Sunday 29th or the following week/weekend

 9.00-12.00       Control collection by about 10-15 participating or non-participating teams (allocate 3-4 controls to be collected per team) - (need to do promotion before the event by Email or Facebook to make sure that people make a commitment to help out)

20231028-IMG 6438


20231028-IMG 6488

Tetratheca and Thomasia flowers


20231028-IMG 6499

Isopogon plants in full flower



 20231028-IMG 6500


20231028-IMG 6508

Spider Orchid


20231028-IMG 6519

Coneflowers and Smokebush


20231028-IMG 6521

Feather Flowers

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