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Autumn Rogaine - May 6th 2023 - The Rapid Rogaine – 8hrs – 10am – 6pm

Hanging out for a chance to do a Rogaine that’s not too far from Perth and in really lovely country? Well the Autumn Rogaine is finally here!

The Rapid Rogaine is an 8 hour event on Saturday 6th May starting at 10am and  finish at 6pm.

We are using the location originally approved for the recently cancelled March 6 hour and although the map scale is 1:25000, we feel the hilly terrain and the amount of controls we have set will keep you all occupied for a good 8 hours.

The Rapid Rogaine is set in mostly bushland in amazing countryside with some stunning Perth city views.


In case you didn't get the email after registration with the link in it, here are the event directions


The course is a mixture of fairly open woodland with small pockets of undergrowth, some quite prickly so wear your protective gear. With an added bonus of riverside trails, picnic spots and of course... Rapids, this Rogaine will not disappoint.

Great for families, wanderers and those who are hardcore and need a challenge.

Whilst setting this event we had many encounters with the Darling Escarp wild life including mountain goats and the Chelodinia Oblonga, the snake necked turtle. You might be lucky to see one too.

There is no camping allowed at this event as its set in a National Park but there is a camp ground on the edge of the map that you can book yourself if you wish to stay the night.

If you think you will be hungry for more than 8hours and heading back out on the Sunday 7th May excites you, the Setting team will be there at 8am when the ranger opens the gates to collect any remaining controls and welcome anyone lending a hand.

Our thanks to Wendy and Serena for putting their hand up to Vet the event. There are many more volunteers still needed, so get in touch with Janice the volunteer co-ordinator if you can help out.

So if you feel like you need to connect to country again.

Don’t delay, get your entry in to enjoy a day in the bush and maybe soak your toes in some river rapids and pools.

Setters Josephine and Emma





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