postheadericon Phoenix Rogaine 29 August 2015

Bi George – it’s another rogaine near the lovely Hotham River ~2 hours SE of Perth. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, so does this rogaine map. Fire raged through the lower half of this map in February this year. So big was this fire that local fire resources were stretched to the point where WARA had to cancel the Upside Down rogaine. But, every cloud has a silver lining. A lot of the thick, almost impenetrable bush has gone and lovely, glorious regrowth has sprung up. In some places, the landscape is almost luna and you might almost be able to track our foot prints to controls.

Fear not, those that favour a good hard slog. There is still plenty of log strewn territory to the north and there will be plenty of variety for the navigators – from simple strolls to some controls for families to challenging subtle features to find for those that like a challenge.

Set by a couple of old blokes in John Cresp and Ian "Mr Rogaine" Thomsett, the course has been checked by two of our champion rogainers – Wil Williams and Shane Lewis.
Come along, enjoy and celebrate the birth a new life in our forest.

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