postheadericon Bullant Bites Back 2 May 2015

Rumours abound as the May Autumn 12 hour rogaine fast approaches. Some experienced rogainers have been heard muttering about new comers and upstarts and questioning the validity of the event.

"We set the Bullant Rogaine in the exact same spot back in '89 for the Australian Champs." said WARA legend and Life Member Richard Matthews. "Now these guys come in and try to take away or glory! It's just not criket."

The event centred on the same hash house location as its 1989 predecessor, also includes terrain covered in more recent rogaines, The Schulstaad Waltz and Take Nothing for Granite.

Matthews said that he rates the area, an interesting mix of jarrah and wandoo liberally scattered with granite outcrops, very highly.

"I can remember all of the best control locations, although I doubt this mob would have enough nous to find them."

Only time will tell if the Bullant Bites Back can live up to the standard of the legendary Bullant event.

The setting team of Graham Braid, John Braid and Andrew Martin could not be reached for comment.

"I'm just not sure these guys can be trusted." said Matthews.

"After all, none of them even have beards!"

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