postheadericon Three Bridges Rogaine 29 November 2014

Set in the vicinity of Bayswater and Belmont, the Three Bridges rogaine draws on the long tradition of non-bush events to challenge, entertain, and surprise you as you saunter around the suburbs looking for controls. It’s certainly been fun getting the event together, being able to enjoy wonderful scenery and interesting locations, with the odd panoramic view thrown in for good measure.

Starting at 1:00pm, the standard format of a four-hour event and post-event sausage sizzle remain, with the added bonus of being able to cross the river and still keep your feet as dry as the air around you. In fact due to the number of watercraft, swimming the river is a definite no-no.

There should be something for everyone in this event, with bushland, hills, lakes, riverbanks, and of course suburbia (with its delis and coffee shops) out there to enjoy.

Whether you aim to go to every control or just cover a small area, you will most likely learn a thing or two about such diverse topics as history, gardening, home security, and physical fitness, and have fun at the same time!

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