postheadericon Just a Bit of Parrotbush Rogaine - 19 October 2002

After volunteering to set the October rogaine at the winder 24hr event we were faced with the most difficult part of the setting: deciding where to hold it. Since Dave lives close to the countryside he did the work and found a suitable area. Unfortunately, as we were about to launch ourselves into the setting process, he noticed some small signs; these turned out to be CALM signs warning of imminent burning in the area. Oh well. Fortunately there was a good rogaining area nearby that wasn't about to be consumed by flames, so all turned out well.

The spring 12 hour rogaine will be situated about 1.5 hours east of Perth on gently rolling user-friendly countryside. The hash house is located in farmland on the eastern border of water catchment bushland, so there will be something for everyone, with an interesting mixture of farmland, open bush and bit of parrot bush.

Although in the distant past a rogaine named "Parrotbush" was heldin this area, we feel that it offers much more than just parrot bush.
So, being cognisant of the past while looking boldly to the future, we decided to name it the "Just a Bit of Parrotbush" rogaine.

Toivo Pedaste and Dave Currell

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