postheadericon St Valentine's Saunter - 14 and 15 February 1998

What better way is there to spend St Valentine's day than:  Courting Couple

  • a romantic stroll in the moon light
  • on a balmy summers night
  • in pleasantly rolling farmland
  • with some bushland as well for the nature lovers
  • with the amount of parrot bush kept to the minimum required for an event in WA
  • with good views from many of the controls (you won't be able to see the views in the middle of the night, but trust me)
  • less than an hour and a half drive from Perth (or at least from one edge of it)

The St Valentine's Saunter is the third upside-down rogaine and will be held between 8pm and 8am on the 14th and 15th February.

As well as being an opportunity to rogaine during summer while avoiding the heat, this event provides a chance to experience the pleasures of night navigation while you're fresh, instead of after having rogained all day. The area lies to the south-west of Perth and consists mainly of farmland with some areas of bush, the bush controls have been set taking into account the greater difficulties of night navigation.

This is an event everyone can experience and, dare I say it, enjoy.

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