postheadericon Everlasting Rogaine - 31 August and 1 September 1996


YES - the next event is the WORLD CHAMPS. I hope you are all fit and rarin' to go. If you haven't entered yet now is the time.

For anyone who thinks that this event is too big for them - think again. This is your chance to be involved in a World Championship, hosted in great style by WARA. It's not every year that Western Australians get to show the world just how good an event we turn on over here in the west. Part of that is the great spirit of all our Rogainers, so please join in and help make this one a very special rogaine for everyone.

We have set a normal event and there will be the usual rang of competitors from the very fit long distance freaks to the social walkers. The age range will as always be from toddlers to supervets.

Come and enjoy the occasion.

The organisation is now well advanced and all parts are coming together nicely. Bryan, Andrew, Craig and I have set and vetted 60+ control sites and will be visiting Mt Singleton again to finalise the course in the next few weeks.

Maggie and Jane have been collating the entries and we have over 400 in the event already - 20 of these are from overseas. Finland, Norway, Canada, USA and New Zealand are represented so far. 130 eastern states entries are also in the still coming. We'll take up to 600 people so there are places left but they won't last forever.

Nicole and Janet have been busy organising the social events - a welcoming BBQ on Thursday, 29th August and a party on the Friday after the event.

The Hash House team has thought up some delicious treats for us.

The wildflowers are springing up to greet us.

See you at Mt Singleton

Richard Matthews (Event Coordinator)


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