postheadericon Long March Rogaine - 18 March 2000

In our great motherland, a new era is emerging in which workers, peasants and soldiers are grasping Marxism-Leninism, Mao Tse-tung's thought and 6 hour rogaines. In 1934-35, Comrade Mao and members of the party marched from Kiangsi in the south to Yenan in the north of China. in 2000, we invite you members of the party to experience the joys of six hours of not so long marching .... or walking or strolling. Set in the fields of the peasants to the east of Shansi, I mean, North Bannister, just south of Perth (an hour and a bit's drive) the terrain has been carefully chosen (out of a hat). It includes rolling farmlands, lovely views, some patches of open wandoo scrub, one small patch of parrot bush (obligatory) and generally easy going territory. What more could a capitalist bourgeois rogainer want? "Our stand is that of the proletariat and of the masses" (Mao, 1942, Selected works, VOl. III, p.70). It is a powerful good rogaine for opposing imperialism and for opposing revisionism and dogmatism.

Therefore the most fundamental task is our Party's political and ideological work is at all times to hold high the great red banner of the controls and punch the card. Study closely the map and the descriptions, pack you little red book, think on the thoughts of Chairman Mao and book early for an undoubtedly populist event that is not far away. As it is only a 6 hour event there will be no Hash House but all those wishing to join in stirring anthems for the masses are quite welcome.

As Mao said on the Long March:

On the east, day breaks; do not
Say we have started too early;
For we shall cross many hills yet
Before we grow old; here
The land is surprising in beauty.

The Gang of Four - Brian Zhang Chunqiao-Austin, Gary Jiang Qing-Carroll, Toivo Wang Hongwen-Pedaste and David Yao Wenyuan-Currell (with assistance from Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung, 2nd edn, Peking, 1967).

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