postheadericon Herogaine 6 hour Rogaine - 7 March 2009

Look there! Up in the Hills! Is it a 24? Is it a 12? NO! It's Herogaine! The super 6 hour event!
Are you able to leap tall mountains in a single bound? Can you summon animals to carry you through the bush? Does your x-ray vision allow you to find things hidden to the normal
eye? Can you travel through time (at least for 6 hours)? Do your blisters heal instantly?

If you can answer yes to any of these, then WARA needs YOU at the Herogaine 6 hour event in March (the ability to conjure up a storm is not required at this event). An evil villain has stolen WARA's magical corflute jewels and has hidden them in the bush. Our only clue to their locations are a set of runes covered in wiggly lines that we have recovered. Hurry! If the jewels are not found within 6 hours, then the beautiful princess Hashouseia will die.

Even now, she is too weak to cook us any food. The site is only a few minutes away if you're faster than a speeding bullet and less than an hour in the car if your superpowers don’t include flying. Unfortunately, your supersetters did not win the battle with the POWERS THAT BE to let us camp overnight whilst we pursue our quest. And for those of you oppressed by the villainous chaffing, it is strongly recommended that you wear your undies on the outside.

Ashley Horton, Daniel Bond, Grand Joldes, James Kelly

Last Updated (Saturday, 07 March 2009 08:00)

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