postheadericon Ham and Mustard Rogaine - 5/6 August 2006

Piggy Galore! No, that’s not the name for this rogaine.

Imagine a rogaine set in the picturesque pastures and State Forests of South Wandering. Icy cold mornings and beautiful sunny days seems like a good time to do some serious Rogaining, after all it is the State Champs.

At the June event some of WARA’s “statesmen” with too many rogaines to remember under their collective ever enlarging belts were enjoying the usual pre-rogaine hearty breakfast. Their minds were brainstorming (very unusual that time of the morning) over a suitable name for the upcoming rogaine.

At the event “fun-filled” rogainers will come across two piggeries, (you can view from a distance as they will be out of bounds). One of these belongs to Dawson Bradford and the other by Steve Lyndham. Pigs as big as horses would you believe?

WARA are also proud to be sponsored by Mainpeak for these State Championships and these stores are owned by John Mustard.

Oh, I digress, ok, back to the brainstorming. How about HAM and MUSTARD? It has a nice ring to it. The name honours the map area and the sponsor. I did the right thing and rang Mainpeak just to be sure that John was not offended in being associated with a Ham. He thought the name was great and sorry that he could not attend to “take a ribbing!”

The setter/vetters, for we are one and the same, are happy to announce that we have secured the services of Brian Dunnage and his lovely wife Dawn to look after the hash house for us. This of course is no reason for you to shorten your time in the field just to be back to enjoy their usual culinary delights. We will be looking out for malingerers.

To cap things off Geoff Monk, equipment officer extraordinaire, has developed a new “Port label” for anyone that wishes to join us at the fire on Friday night, Porky’s Delight if you please!

Come and have fun with us.
Warren, Vince, Paul (xyz) and Marcia

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