postheadericon Monky Business Rogaine - 8 April 2006

Do you remember the rogaine I helped to set called "The return of the Woylies"?. It was held in the Collie river valley below the Wellington dam. There were lots of big hills and thick prickly bush.

Well I'm sorry to say I can't give you an event like that this time. Deb chose the location, it's all farmland; open grazing and crop land with gentle hills and shady trees.

The port control is a pub and the lolly control is an ice-cream shop!

Come and again enjoy the generous hospitality of our farming community. Just 90 minutes north of Perth (near New Norcia) with bitumen road to the hash house gate.

For the setting team.
Deb Dowson, Phil Dufty, Craig Dermer, Vicki Reilly,
Ian Thomsett.

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