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The Western Australian Rogaining Association Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 22nd February 2019 at 7:00 pm at the Department of Sport and Recreation, 246 Vincent Street, Leederville. Parking is available at the venue (see NB: DSR is providing the meeting room free of charge, but in return, asks that we leave the room clean and tidy.

Note: As per previous years, Pizzas will be served from 6:15 pm!


Opening of Meeting


Acceptance of Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting Minutes

Business Arising from Previous Meeting




It is proposed: To conform with constitutional compliance requirements from the changes to the membership arrangements and the Department of Commerce Associations Incorporations Act 2015, the committee has endorsed amendments to the constitution as indicated.

The committee move that the submitted constitution be accepted to replace the existing constitution.

Prior to the motion being put to the vote, there will be explanatory comments made and there will be the opportunity for members to discuss the amendments.

Elections (note 1)

General Business (note 2)

  1. Discussion on Badges

Close of Meeting

Note 1: Election of Office Bearers:
At the AGM all positions on the WARA Committee become vacant. New committee members add new ideas and fresh enthusiasm, and are always welcome. If you are willing to contribute some time and effort to your Association, please nominate for a committee position.

  • Talk to any committee member if you are interested. Send your nomination form at least seven days before the AGM, to the Secretary or President.
  • All other positions are open for election, with current position holders automatically nominated. Other members may also nominate for these positions, as long as their nominations are received by the Secretary or President at least seven days before the AGM (refer to section 7.2a).

Note 2: General Business:
If you wish to raise any additional matters at the AGM please contact the WARA Secretary or President so your item can be added to the agenda at least seven (7) days before the AGM.






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