postheadericon Lost Track Winter Rogaine - 18/19 June 2005

Yippee a setters delight? Or a rogainer’s challenge? Having recently completed the setting of this course it is shaping up to offer everyone something! The course is set in bushland encompassing sections of both the old and new Bibbulmun Track with attractive jarrah forests a feature. There is a Track Shelter on the course that is out of bounds (400 rogainers using the facilities could fill the toilet and empty the water tank so no plops or slurps). You may however find sections of the track enjoyable to meander along. Many roads and tracks cross the course and we have tried to ensure the tracks marked on the map are actually there. The area was obviously extensively logged in the past, judging by the number of tracks and old formations. Many other indicators of the busy history of this area are evident. There are a series of small private properties and a B&B for those who may want a bit of comfort.

There are areas of swamp on the course, where you will find Swamp Banksias growing, and while these are very reasonable in February they could offer quite a challenge if we’ve had much rain by June. Some sections present as an obstacle course and those that are nimble and able to bound over deadfall should not have a problem! These areas should be negotiated carefully especially at night.

A number of large rock surfaces are marked on the map, and there are many more on course; all could present as slippery after rain. There is a major road passing through the middle of the course it will help with navigation but should be crossed with extreme care whilst walking along this road is not advised – most controls can be reached by walking other tracks. The southwest section is a very pretty section, and will present a challenge and more so if it is wet –
obviously tempting because of the high pointers!

Most of the rogaine area is also a Dieback Risk Area, and we are fortunate in being given the go-ahead by CALM to hold our event in this location. Although we have used this area in the past, stricter conditions are being placed on the use of DRA sites. We ask you to take some simple precautions before coming to the event - please ensure your footwear is cleaned and have no mud or debris on the soles. Preferably wash shoes and boots in disinfectant. Clean wheel arches
and under body of vehicles if they have been in the bush recently. All of us love our healthy forests lets ensure we do not spread dieback into disease free areas.

The course is about equal distance from Perth and Bunbury; approximately one and a half hours from each, with a large Hash House site for you and your team. Make sure you get your entry in (early) and join us for the 2005 State Championships. We’re offering a prize of a bottle of good port (empty so that Stan and Dave can keep their reputation) for the first team finishing the whole course of approximately 105 kilometres – failing that the setters and vetters will enjoy it. Of
course we don’t expect anyone to finish the entire course.

Stan Barklay, Pam Bradley, Dave Hartley, David Muir, and Brian Danby

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