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Are you enjoying rogaining and wondering how to put something back into the sport? WARA is urgently looking for volunteers to fill the following roles:

Equipment Officer
Camp Manager
Admin Coordinator
Safety Officer

Please contact the WARA president or any of the committee to offer your services.


Could you be the next Equipment Officer ?

• Prior to each Rogaine check the equipment including ensuring that the battery banks are charged, and enough gas bottles are full.
• Supervise in the loading and unoading of the truck before/after each event.
• Maintain an inventory of equipment.
• Arrange for the tidying of the shed and cleaning of equipment as necessary.
• Arrange for the maintenance and procurement of replacement/new equipment as necessary, and as approved by the committee.

Could you be the next Camp Manager ?

• Be early to the Rogaine site to oversee the setting up of the camp site.
• Position of the truck, toilets and tents (HH, Admin, 1st Aid and sundry tents) as required in liaison with the Setters.
• Help with the loading of the truck at Morley on the Thursday night, checking that all the required equipment is on the truck.
• Help with the erection of the tents and position of various equipment for an effective camp layout, on Friday afternoon.
• Order the required amount of toilets from Coates (Forrestfield or Bunbury) for each Rogaine according to event numbers and meet Coates driver on site Friday afternoon.
• Order the Truck from Thrifty (Bassendean) with plenty of notice (preferably 6 months in advance)
• Liaise with equipment Officer regarding any damaged equipment.


Could you be the next Admin Coordinator?

Pre event tasks:
- set up pebbles with team list
- clear wrist tags prior to admin volunteer meeting
- print safety cards, team list, map collection slips, random number list, compass hire list, truck loaders list, money collected list, info for first time rogainer sheets
- coordinate and attend admin volunteer briefing where wrist tags are assigned and volunteer roles assigned, and tasks for event day outlined.
refer to admin manual for event day set up and task descriptions.
- ensure admin chest is stocked with all necessary equipment, paper, pens etc.

Event day:
Provided volunteers are adequately briefed the admin coordinator doesn't need to be involved on the day. You don't have to be at the event or you can choose to compete.


Could you be the next Safety Officer ?

Prior to each Rogaine obtain all the necessary Emergency contacts within the Rogaine area and be ready for any possible emergencies that may arise.
• Assist the 1st Aid officer where ever possible and discuss strategies.
• Ensure that the 1st Aid tent has all the equipment necessary for the Rogaine weekend.
• Sign off any incident sheets filled out by the 1st Aid Officer.
• Maintain the 1st Aid kit with any replacement items used during the weekend.
• Contact a week in advance the Police, Ambulance and Hospital giving them the details of the Rogaine and directions of how to contact us.
• Maintain the satellite phones between Rogaine events.
• Liaise with Setters and Vetters.
• If required, conduct the occasional safety patrol to give the setters and vetters a rest, especially at night.
• Have Search and Rescue procedures in place for during and after the close of the Rogaine for late, lost and or injured competitors.
• Generally oversee how equipment is assembled in the hash house especially the gas bottles and that the “fire blanket” is in position.

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