postheadericon Oh-So-Late Rogaine 15th February 2014

It’s been a long time coming, but finally the USD (that’s UpSide-Down in case you don’t know) rogaine is under way. I volunteered to set this event early last year in an area that had not been used before. However I was slow in getting going, then I went overseas to walk on the Amalfi coast in Italy...

I had only been back from Italy for two days when I was asked to report for work at the Avon (Northam) CBH (Cooperative Bulk Handling) terminal. As you know it has been a record harvest and so I was fully occupied up until a few days before Christmas. Hence no progress on setting the rogaine! It was too late to get map data for my new area, so I looked at reusing an old map area. I think I have come up with the ideal area...

The farmers are friendly, the terrain is interesting and is ideal for an USD. It is mostly farmland with patches of bush. Some people will remember the area, but that won’t help them as the controls will be placed on different features from those used before.  There is a nice area for camping. My co-setter Paul (XYZ) Szijarto, and I look forward to seeing you down Williams way on the 15 and 16th of February.

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